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Who doesn’t love a little role play? These role play escorts can be your maid, your teacher, or anything your imagination can conjure up. Roleplay escorts specialize in creating a believable scenario to act out your wildest fantasies. See our huge list of role play escorts below.

Supremely Talented Role Play Escorts

Everyone’s got a particular scenario they’d love to act out in the bedroom. Maybe you’ve always dreamt about a hot nurse fondling you down below, but then suddenly takes things to the next level. Maybe you’ve fantasized about being stuck in detention with that saucy French teacher, and when the doors are locked, she starts getting frisky with you.

Well luckily for you, role play escorts are here to take any fantasy of yours and make it real. These talented hotties are able to assume any role with Oscar-worthy finesse and let you live out that dirty scenario you’ve been dreaming about for years.

The uniforms that each role play escort has available are usually listed in their profile. The most popular ones are schoolgirl, maid, nurse, teacher, policewoman, bunny, devil and angel. While not all of them will be listed individually, you can enquire with your escort/agency as to what uniforms they have available.

Sexy Scenarios With Role Play Escorts

Roleplay doesn’t just mean dress-up either. Sure, it can be incredibly hot to have an escort play the part of a naughty nurse or frisky teacher, but role play can be so much more.

In fact, it doesn’t have to involve dressing up at all. Roleplay escorts are happy to indulge any specific fantasy of yours, providing they’re comfortable with it. For example, have you ever wanted to sleep with your hot neighbour? Maybe you’ve been dying to bang your friend’s wife for years? Ever wanted your boss to make a pass at you? If so, your role play escort will be happy to play the part of whatever woman you want in whatever scenario you want.

If you do have a highly specific scenario you want to act or reenact, then please tell your escort/agency of choice about it prior to booking. This will allow them to prepare themselves to ensure that the role play is as authentic and enjoyable as possible.

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All of these role-play escorts are open-minded and happy to indulge any desire you might have. Providing your fantasy is legal, you’ll have no issues at all finding a role play escort to bring it to life.