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If you’re a breast man, then this is the place for you. These COB escorts take great delight in letting you finish all over their chests. For a night of wild exploration and intimacy, a session with a COB escort will leave you feeling satisfied and content.

What Is COB?

For those who don’t know what COB means, it’s quite simple. COB stands for ‘cum on breasts’, perhaps the most satisfying way to end a glorious session of hot sex.

Let’s be honest, a lot of women don’t like getting blasted with cum. There’s a sense of degradation to it, so a lot of ladies will avoid it in favor of less-explosive finishes. However, cumming on breasts is a huge turn on for a lot of guys, and these COB escorts are more than happy to indulge these dirty fantasies.

It’s not just the guys who love cumming over an escort’s breasts either. The escorts love it too, and for different reasons than you might think. For starters, it’s a lot less messy than a facial, and she doesn’t have to worry about spitting or swallowing like she would if you pumped it in her mouth.

But also, it’s important to remember that all escorts put a lot of effort into their physical appearance. These COB escorts have spent time in the gym sculpting their physiques to perfection, and some of them have even undergone enhancement surgery – all so that your sexual pleasure is increased. So, when you show them that you find their bodies hot enough to cover with jizz, these escorts appreciate it more than you might know.

Your Perfect COB Escort

It’s not always the buxom, big-tittied babes who love taking a load over their chests either. There are plenty of escorts on the petite side who are happy to let you erupt all over them too. So, depending on which kind of body type you prefer, you can glaze that perfect pair of tits with your hot cum tonight.

You’ve probably seen it a million times in porn. The guy pulls out and finishes the job himself, leaving a sticky load across her bare breasts. Well, sure, a lot of our COB escorts would be more than happy to let you act out that scenario, but it doesn’t always have to be intercourse that results in a messy explosion.

There are a number of ways you could achieve climax all over her breasts. Combine it with oral sex and you’ve got yourself quite an enjoyable experience to say the least. Or, we’re sure she’d be happy to put her hands to good use, leaving you free to enjoy the erotic visual before you until you give her a dose of cum for her efforts.

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