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General Terms and Conditions of Service

Last update: October 2020


These Escort Girls Guru General Terms and Conditions ("Agreement" or “Terms”)  govern the use of the Website and all of its content and information available on the following URL:, offered by de Grote Aantrekker BV, a Dutch limited corporation with its registered address Het Poortgebouw, Beech Avenue 54-62, Schiphol the Netherlands and business registration number KVK 75873729. Escort Girls Guru Also referred to as: "we", "us" or "our".

We offer different Services and content on our Website to Users and paying Customers ("you" or "your(s)"), both individuals and companies. The latest scope of our Services shall always be published on our Website. 

By visiting our Website, accessing our content and subscribing to our Services, you represent that you have fully read and understood these Terms, and are aware that you have entered into a legal relationship with us. Moreover, you agree that you are bound to the latest version of these Terms. 

EscortGirls.Guru reserves the right to modify at any time unilaterally and without prior notice, the manner and conditions of subscription and contracting for the Service(s) rendered under this Agreement. These Terms will always be available to Users on our Website. Users must read these Terms carefully each time that they access our Website. In any case, the acceptance of the Terms will be necessary prior to contract any Services offered by EscortGirls.Guru. EscortGirls.Guru may update these Terms from time to time. Please review this page on a regular basis. Your continued use of the WebSite after such a change means you unequivocally accept the most recent version of these Terms. 

You undertake to carefully read our sex trafficking and labour statement on our Website, and shall always follow the instructions stated in those documents. More importantly, you must always adhere to and follow national and local laws and regulation regarding the subject matter. You understand and agree that Escort Girl Guru is only the technology provider and in accordance with these Terms by no means responsible for any human interactions. 


1.1. Content Access

We give permission to each User and Customer, exclusively for their personal or business use, to access our Website and view any of its contents, including but not limited to profiles and related information that is available free of charge, including newsletter and new services and products published on our Website. For some Services and content, we may also offer paid subscriptions when indicated. 

1.2. Authorized Users

User and Customer shall be the principal Authorized User of our Services, and the rights in and to the Services are limited to this one Authorized User only, and cannot be shared or used by any other person or company.

1.3. Login Credentials

EscortGirls.Guru does not assume any liability for any damages or losses caused to the User or any third party as a result of the loss or theft of your username and/or password. Your login credentials and password remain exclusively personal and non-transferrable and are necessary to allow Users to use our Website and services offered by EscortGirls.Guru. The User undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of its login credentials. 


2.1. Services and Content

We offer on our Website both free content as well as different subscriptions and advertisement services. The scope of our Services, content and all other information on our Website are continuously amended and updated, and represent that you are aware of them as published on our Website. Our Website shall always contain the latest scope of our Services, published on 

2.2. Service Disclaimers

In accordance with the relevant sections in this Agreement covering the waiver of liability, we do not make any representations and warranties as to our Services and the content on our Website. We are never responsible or liable for any information that is incorrect or contains errors.

2.3. No Warranties 

EscortGirls.Guru shall use its best endeavours and reasonable efforts to provide the Services in accordance with the express instructions from Customers. You agree and acknowledge that we cannot guarantee any specific results or the accurateness of any of the Services and content rendered under this Agreement. Moreover, we cannot make any representations and warranties with regard to the profiles published on our Website, and its accurateness. Some of the information, such as profiles published on our Website, are offered for entertainment purposes only and may not entirely be an authentic representation, and are published by third parties over which we do not have any control as stated in the next Section.

2.4. Third-Party Content

You understand and agree that the Website and the content under this Agreement may contain errors and/or inaccuracies outside of our control or area of influence. The contents and profiles published on our Website entirely depend on the third-parties that made them available to us. In accordance with the Section in these Terms about disclaimers, you understand and agree that we are never liable for the information and content published on our Website. 


3.1. Website Visitors

Our Website Terms of Use govern the legal relationship between visitors on our Website and us. The access to our Website and the contents is free, except with expenses covering internet connections and other network expenses that you shall bear.

3.2. Profile Registrations

When you complete a profile registration on our Website, you give permission to us to include your data and personal information on our Website, and your data and personal information will be processed in accordance with our Privacy and Cookie Policy. The latest version of that document published on shall always supersede these Terms.

3.3. Registration and Verification

Once registered, verified and accepted by us, you may enter an exclusive area on our Website. We may, at any time, restrict your access to that area or our Website for any reason whatsoever and without giving prior notice. 

3.3. Violations

In case of violation by the User or Customer of any of the obligations outlined in these Terms, EscortGirls.Guru reserves the right to prohibit or deny access to any of the Services and content we offer, and that shall not affect any other actions, resources or claims that EscortGirls.Guru might have against you.

3.4. Adults Only

You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to visit our Website and use our Services, or in some jurisdiction, be an adult and allowed to access our Website and view the content. When you are too young to visit our Website you must immediately leave it and stop using our Services. If you have a suspicion of use of our Website by minors, please report it immediately to us. 

3.5. Behaviour

Any User of our Services must access and use the Website and Services in accordance with these Terms, any guidelines and instructions, the applicable law, good faith and proper customs and ethical behaviour. You must abstain from damaging the Website and Services, other Users and/or any third party. The Acceptable Use Policy as stated in this Agreement shall apply accordingly. 


4.1. Advertisement

As part of our Services, we may offer advertisement facilities as published on Such Services may be offered both on a per-advertisement basis, a preferable position on our Website as well as a subscription plan. Moreover, we may charge an extra fee for a specific type of advertisement, and on specific areas on our Website. 

4.2. Content and Materials

In the event Customer uploads content and material onto our Website, it shall remain solely responsible for that content and materials, also when it is violating third-parties intellectual property rights, such as copyrights. We may, in our sole discretion., remove any content from our Website uploaded by you, and we never refund any fees paid to us.


As a condition of your use of EscortGirl Guru you understand and agree that you must not:

  • Violate any applicable laws or regulations;

  • Violate the Advertisement Rules;

  • Post any material or content that is threatening, abusive, defamatory or obscene;

  • Conduct misleading and/or false behavior; 

  • Violate any third-party right(s);

  • Send spam emails or propose financial products, such as pyramid schemes to other Users; 

  • Distribute viruses or any other similar technologies that may harm EscortGirls.Guru or third-party's interests;

  • Use our Website to submit an unreasonable load on our infrastructure or interfere with the proper working of EscortGirls.Guru;

  • Copy, change, or distribute any third-party's content without their consent;

  • Use any automated ways to access EscortGirls.Guru and collect content for any purpose without our consent;

  • Bypass any measures we use to restrict your access to EscortGirls.Guru;

  • Delete, alter, or manipulate any security device or security system that may be used;

  • Collect data or personal information about other Users;

  • Publish irrelevant or continuously the same content.


6.1. Ownership

Grote Aantrekker BV is the owner of the domain, and has all rights to the Website, Services and content or a valid license or right to use such content.

6.2. Intellectual Property Protection

Our Website and its content are protected by the applicable laws and regulations on intellectual and industrial property and including without any exceptions, its design, structure, text, logos, buttons, images, source code, as well as the intellectual property rights. You must not use, exploit, copy, reproduce, eliminate, damage, and/or modify or register any intellectual property right without the express and written permission of EscortGirls Guru.

6.3. Right of Likeness

Each person or company that uses our Services hereby authorizes us to use, reuse, and to grant others the right to use and reuse, profile names, photographs, likeness and any information regarding the individual depicted in the advertisement. 


7.1. Warranties 

In connection to our Services, the Website and all content and materials, we make no warranties whatsoever, either express or implied, including without limitation any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Each User accepts our Website, Services and content on an "as is" basis with no representation or warranty of any kind, including and without limitation warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property rights or any implied warranty arising from statute, performance, or usage of trade. 

7.2. Waiver of Liability

Our Website, Services and all content are only offered for informational purposes, and we are never liable for any incorrect, unavailable, ambiguous, incomplete or outdated data or information. We shall never be held responsible for any information provided to the User that may result in any loss, damage or claim. The User shall be solely responsible for the manner it deploys the content and actions and decisions taken based on that.

7.3. Disclaimer Third-Party Information 

We perform the Services using third party resources, and we may publish or communicate such information on our Website. EscortGirls.Guru disclaims its liability for any incorrect information that is provided by any third party or their affiliate, including any information that is incorrect, incomplete, misleading, or outdated. You shall be solely liable for the manner you employ third-party content and services, including any losses or type of damages and actions and decisions you make based on that information. 

7.4. Indemnification

The user indemnifies and holds harmless EscortGirls.Guru, including its employees, officers, and subcontractors against all loss, liability, cost, and damage(s) arising out of and in connection to this Agreement, including all legal expenses and reasonable attorney fees related costs out of this and in connection to this Agreement. 


8.1. Payments

Before you are able to use our Service and access our content, your payment must be completed by using the payment methods we offer on the payment section on our Website. 

8.2. Non-Refundable 

All fees paid to us are always non-refundable. We are never making any partial refunds when you did not fully use our Services or for any other reason. 

8.3. Termination

Our subscriptions must be cancelled sixty (60) days prior to the new billing cycle by emailing us at

8.4. Credit Card Chargebacks

When you have performed a credit card chargeback or otherwise reversed a payment, we may immediately terminate your account. All charges we make for purchases remain non-refundable in accordance with these Terms.


The User and/or Customer who experiences a problem with the Service and content provided by EscortGirls.Guru should raise such a matter directly to us by filling out our contact form or emailing us. EscortGirls.Guru will perform its best endeavours but is at no time obliged to, resolve the matter in question to the satisfaction of the User and/or Customer. 


EscortGirls.Guru may assign this Agreement, including any of the rights, interests and obligations to any successor or assignor without the prior written consent of User. Subject to this, the Agreement will be binding on, to the benefit of and enforceable by EscortGirls.Guru's respective successors and assigns.


The Agreement is subject to modification. In case of any differences with past versions of this Agreement, the most recent version, publicly available on the Website, shall always prevail.


12.1 Applicable Law and Forum

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Any dispute or conflict between the Parties in relation to this Agreement shall be exclusively submitted to competent civil court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

12.2. Dispute Resolution

In the event of any disagreement between Parties, you shall immediately notify us via email or the contact form on our Website within five (5) working days after the complaint has arisen and both Parties must perform their best efforts to resolve such a dispute.