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incall £140
outcall £140
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  • Age

    Early thirties 34
  • Height

    5`8`` / 173 cm
  • Breast size

    34E (75F)
  • Dress size

    10 / M / 38EU
  • Hair colour

  • Orientation

  • Nationality



  • Brooke is a sensational outgoing lady who is full energy and enthusiasm. She is tall, slender and busty with a naughty little twinkle in her eye. She could quite possibly be every man’s dream with her pretty face, long glossy brunette hair and sexy sultry speaking voice. She is seductive and loves to strut her stuff as she has a way of swaying her hips from side to side that is very enticing with those lovely long tanned legs of hers. She walks with a confidence and purpose that definitely grabs your attention when she enters a room. Presenting a style and grace by always dressing in a flattering way, choosing provocative little dresses to flaunt her figure. A cheeky and open minded lady, Brooke loves to delve into her creative, adventurous side and think about different and exciting fantasies to share with you. You may have some fantasies of your own of course and this naughty brunette escort is the perfect lady to share them with. It will come as no surprise to you that Brooke is also genuinely bisexual. She is delighted when she is invited to join a couple for some fun and also loves to double up with one of our other bisexual ladies. With a large selection of devilish ladies we don’t know how you are you going to choose? That’s where our fabulous reception team can help, they will let you know which ladies are available and who likes to play with who, so to speak! Brooke does not drive so she relies on one of our trusted drivers to reach you either at your home residence or in a hotel room across the North West region. Using a driver means that she will arrive on time, relaxed, looking and smelling wonderful and ready to put a smile on your face. When Brooke is around, smiling comes easily!


Incall / Outcall

  • 1 hour

    £140 / £140
  • 2 hours

    £280 / £280
  • additional hour

    £140 / £140
  • dinner

    £350 / £350
  • overnight

    £1000 / £1000


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Brooke Cheshire Companions

upd: 24/05/2024
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