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WS escorts gallery

Ever fantasized about receiving a hot, taboo golden shower? Then these watersports escorts will make it a reality. People enjoy the act of urination for a number of reasons, and these boundary-pushing escorts know that better than anyone. See below for a huge list of watersport giving escorts in every city in the world.

Please note that all of the escorts below provide WS giving. Please see this page for WS receiving escorts.

WS Giving Escorts Worldwide

Watersports are known by a few different names; golden showers, urolagnia, urine play – but they all mean the same thing. Being peed on, or peeing on someone else.

It’s certainly one of the most polarizing sex acts in the fetish world. It divides opinion like nothing else. Some people think it’s gross, while some people would go as far as bathing in someone else’s golden nectar. But what is it about watersports that people love?

Like a lot of fetish acts, watersports are closely linked to sadomasochism. The act of peeing, or being peed on, is a display of dominance or submission depending on your preference. It’s like being spat on only ten times more extreme. It’s degrading, it’s humiliating, and it’s incredibly taboo.

All of the watersports escorts below are fully versed in all manner of golden activities. These worldwide escort hotties know the best positions in order to enjoy pee play to the fullest extent possible. You just need to sit between their legs and let their golden juices wash over your face, body and wherever else you want it. It will arouse you to heights you’ve never felt before. It’s dirty, exhilarating and makes for one hell of a foreplay session.

Safe & Consensual Watersports Escorts

When talking about giving and receiving watersports, the question of hygiene often crops up. Is it safe to cleanse yourself in someone else’s pee?

Actually, yes it is. There are no real dangers when it comes to urine. It’s simply biological waste that the body has no need for. It doesn’t cause itching or burning and you can’t be allergic to it. It’s perfectly safe for skin, hair and eye contact too. Hell, if you believe some beauty therapists out there then urine actually helps remove wrinkles from your face.

Given that watersports are relatively harmless, it’s a great activity to experiment with. You don’t need to worry about getting everything right the first time. However, it’s advised to keep some towels handy in case things get messy. It might also be wise to enjoy your first watersports session in the bath or shower.

Keep in mind that all of the escorts you’ll find below are watersports GIVING escorts. While there’s a high chance that a WS giving escort will also WS receive, be sure to check their list of services beforehand.

Let yourself go and indulge in some water sports fun tonight. Bring a sheet, cover up your furniture and rinse away the stress with the golden fluids of a stunning escort. There’s no feeling quite like it!