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What Are T&T Escorts?

T&T stands for ‘tie and tease,’ and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

It’s actually a type of massage which many escorts offer, and one which has been incredibly popular for decades now. This type of massage strips you of your most dominant sense, thus heightening your other senses and allowing for more intense stimulation all across your body. Being restrained and teased by a stunning escort makes for incredible foreplay and the sensory deprivation can increase orgasm length and intensity too.

How does a session with a T&T escort work? Well, first you’ll strip down to the waist, then your escort will restrain you in any way she sees fit. This could involve handcuffs, bed restraints, or rope. She’ll also apply a blindfold so you’ll only be able to feel her rather than see her – something else which adds to the power dynamic between you and your escort.

After the tying comes the teasing part – the most fun part. Your T&T escort will use her hands (or various toys and implements, like feathers, ice cubes, and silk) to tease and please over any area you desire. Since T&T escorts are trained in this particular type of massage, they’ll know exactly how to use their hands for maximum pleasure.

A T&T massage offers different sensations for different people. Some gentlemen hire a T&T escort for the relaxation which the massage offers, but some men like using it as a form of foreplay before getting to the main course. Whichever approach suits you, the T and T escorts below will be able to provide. 

Is T&T A BDSM Thing?

While many people think that tie and tease massages are related to kinky domination services, it doesn’t quite go that far. T&T is a much more sensual affair, involving gentle rubdowns, light teasing around various erogenous zones, oral sex, and more.

While some T and T escorts might offer additional domination services too, it’s by no means part of the same experience. However, if you’d like your T and T escort to incorporate a little kinky domination into your T&T session, then do feel free to enquire about it.

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