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Do you enjoy a little back door action? If so, a prostate masseur will send you to blissful heights you didn’t know were possible. These prostate massage escorts are experts when it comes to rear entry. They know how to stimulate and excite the back doorbell until a guy reaches the finish line.

What Is A Prostate Massage?

A prostate massage involves a few lubricated fingers and your asshole. Well, that’s the short version anyway. Here’s the longer version:

The male G-spot, also known as the prostate, is actually located a few inches inside the back door. While ladies have their G-spot ready for easy access on their front, guys weren’t so lucky in the composition lottery, so they’re a little harder to reach.

But with a prostate massage escort, worry no more, because these specialized babes know exactly how to stimulate a guy’s prostate with ease. It’s not as straight forward as simply slipping a few fingers up there, either. A prostate massage escort will curl her fingers once she’s at the correct depth in order to reach the prostate, and then gently rouse the area to your desired levels.

No, it’s not gay to enjoy a little back door action. In fact, prostate massages are one of the most common fetish requests asked of escorts the world over. Why? Well, more so than ever, guys are becoming aware that the anus is actually a treasure trove of orgasmic sensations. It’s just that society tells guys that bum fun is something reserved for women and gay men only.

You know how a lot of ladies like it in the ass? For some women, anal play is a vital component of sex. It’s not uncommon to find girls who love a butt plug or anal toy on occasion. This is enough to tell you that anal stimulation feels exceptionally amazing.

And here’s the most interesting part: A guy’s ass is actually a lot more sensitive than a woman’s because guys have a prostate gland up there. That means that men can enjoy the sensation of being penetrated and enjoy prostate stimulation too. Double the fun, double the sensations.

Prostate Orgasms Are Totally Real

Yes, it’s totally possible to achieve orgasm via a prostate massage alone. Sounds crazy, right? But don’t just take our word for it. There are countless accounts of guys spurting just from a little ass play, and not only that, but prostate orgasms are actually way more intense than regular ones.

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A prostate masseur will open up your mind - along with a few other things. She’ll show you a new world of unadulterated pleasure that will have you enjoying explosive orgasms in a way you never thought possible.