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Poppers provide great enhancement and relaxation, turning a great session of sex into an unforgettable one. All of the poppers escorts below are knowledgeable and experienced in the use of poppers during sessions. Find your perfect poppers escort and get loose with them tonight.

What Are Poppers Escorts?

Poppers are a chemical that can be inhaled to provide an incredible, euphoric high that greatly compliments sex. Additionally, poppers also relax the anal area, loosening it up and making backdoor penetration a little more comfortable for both the giver and receiver.

The escorts who are happy to incorporate poppers into your session will as open-minded and adventurous as you can imagine, and will know exactly how to utilize poppers for maximum enjoyment. She may provide the poppers herself or you may be responsible for doing so, so check with your chosen escort beforehand.

Plenty of poppers escorts will also double as A-Level escorts, perfect if you’re looking to indulge in some anal action. Likewise, plenty of domination and mistress escorts will be comfortable with popper play too, so if you’re looking to get pegged with a strap-on you’ll find your perfect partner without issue.

Poppers can be legally purchased from various places around Europe and the US but may go under different names. Poppers became mainstream during the eighties and nineties when they were used heavily in the UK club scene. Back then, they were used purely for recreational purposes, but over time people became aware of the loosening effect they had on certain parts of the body. This naturally gave the kinkier folk a few ideas and ever since then they’ve been synonymous with anal sex.

Play Safely With Poppers Escorts

While poppers are legal to purchase and aren’t considered a heavy drug, you should always practice using them safely. Don’t sniff from the bottle directly because this can cause severe bowel irritation. Instead, leave an open bottle somewhere in the room for maximum efficiency and comfort.

It’s also important to remember that poppers will affect everyone differently. Some men and women report poppers giving them more intense orgasms or helping them stay hard for longer. Before you get to business with a poppers escort, you may want to sample poppers for yourself to get used to them.

Also, if it’s your first time using them, it’s very important not to go in too heavy. Don’t inhale too deeply because you might find yourself spending a long time in the bathroom afterwards!

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Popper escorts will take you into a world of orgasmic bliss and beyond, so if you’re craving some relaxation and satisfaction, loosen yourselves up with a poppers escort tonight.