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MMF escorts

Every man has fantasized about a hot threesome at some point in their life. The idea is tempting for countless reasons, and MMF escorts are able to make any threesome dream come true. See below for the biggest list of threesome escort and MMF escorts you'll find anywhere online. 

What Does MMF Mean?

MMF is an abbreviation of Male Male Female, which is escort code for a threesome. Escorts who provide MMF services specialize in catering to two guys at once, so you know that they come packed with an array of seduction knowledge and the bedroom talents to back it up. 

A threesome isn’t something you could easily arrange in the real world. Finding two open-minded people who would be willing to get down and dirty with you is an uphill struggle, to say the least. Convincing your wife or girlfriend to try a three-way is hard enough, but finding two strangers who’d be up for it? Borderline impossible. 

And this is where MMF escorts come in. These luscious ladies have no qualms about spending some intimate time with two men at once and are prepared to satisfy them both in ways you’ve only seen in the hottest porn videos. The combinations which open up in three-person sex are almost countless, meaning you could spend all night getting nasty and not use the same position twice.

Why Hire An MMF Escort?

MMF escorts are hugely popular with the bisexual crowd for obvious reasons. It means that a lucky suitor gets to have the best of both worlds at once; man and woman together. But you don't have to be gay or bi to enjoy the skills of an MMF escort at all. Plenty of straight men employ their services if they're looking to have some fun with a friend. 

It's not just the men who get off on an MMF session either. The ladies in question get to enjoy a highly satisfying double-penetrative experience that hits all of her erogenous zones at once. There isn’t an escort in the world who wouldn’t be down for that.

Please keep in mind that MMF is strictly two men, one woman. For the alternative MFF (Male Female Female) please see our Bi Duo escorts page. 

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You may also come across a number of male escorts on the below page. These handsome studs are available to join in your bedroom fun if you and your partner are looking to spice things up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, bi or just looking for some adventure with a partner, you’ll find an MMF escort to take care of your needs.  If you’ve always wanted to tick the threesome fantasy off your bucket list, you can do so tonight.