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Story 55 - Spicing things up

Just the other day, I had a session with Damian. Hadn’t seen him in a while – I think it’s been a few months, actually! – so it was nice to kind of chat with him again and catch up. He’s doing so well for himself. He recently moved into a really swanky bachelor pad, and the view that you get from his place is sick.

He was really pleased about it, too – he says that since he bought this place, his closing rate has “drastically improved”. Well, I guess any girl would get wet stepping into this amazing penthouse apartment and being able to look down on all of London from the living room. (He even has a telescope on the balcony for spontaneous star-gazing sessions).

His bathroom is pretty amazing, too. It’s all marble and accents of gold, and there’s a huge bath that can fit two – wink, wink – and ceiling-to-floor mirrors line one side of the wall. I mean, this place was practically built for kinky sex.

Anyway, we spoke about what had been going on in our respective lives – Damian told me about this heiress from Italy whom he had wined and dined a few weeks back, and I told him about the whole Brody saga, minus all the lurid details – and then I pulled him in and started kissing him. He got hard pretty quickly, but then leaned away.

“Hold on – give me a sec.”

He went off into his bedroom, and came out holding a laptop.

“How about we watch some porn together?”

I glanced at the bulge of his pants, which was pretty noticeable.

“Is that really necessary?”

He blushed, then came over and sat down with me.

“Come on, it’ll be fun.”

I agreed, and he flipped his laptop open, and started scrolling through a selection of videos.

“Whoa, what’s that?” I caught sight of a thumbnail that showed a man going down on a woman. I couldn’t quite see who the woman was, but the man was clearly Damian.

“Oh, it’s just something I made with one of the girls I dated.” His face was slowly becoming tomato-red, so I decided not to comment.

After combing through his extensive library (he had three whole hard drives of that stuff, and they were organized by kink, and arranged by alphabetical order), he decided to watch a clip which featured a blonde schoolgirl and her teacher (he was so muscular, he looked like he was on steroids).

You know what? What if someone made realistic-looking porn? I’m not talking about amateur stuff – it could still be all those stereotypical scenes, but done in a more real-life way. So instead of this schoolgirl being caked in makeup and wearing a skirt that’s showing her bum, it’d be a plain jane who’s attired more appropriately. Or would nobody watch that?

Anyway, we started watching the video, and it just didn’t do anything for me. The acting was so cringeworthy, all I felt was second-hand embarrassment for them. Luckily, Damian got into it pretty quickly, and within a few seconds, his hand was starting to creep up my skirt. I straddled him and started kissing him, and quickly hit the pause button at the same time – but to my dismay, he sat up.

“Hey – let’s keep it running in the background.”

So our session that afternoon was punctuated by high-pitched shrieks coming from his laptop (and he had his speakers on really loud, so I’m pretty sure the neighbours heard). But whatever floats his boat, I guess. He did seem more turned on than usual, and he came really fast, so he clearly enjoyed himself.

After we washed up, we lay on the couch together for a bit, and just out of curiosity, I asked him to show me one of his home videos.

“That’s my private collection,” he said, nudging his laptop out of my reach.

“Your private spankbank?” I teased, and he turned red again. “You must have thousands of videos inside there. That’s quite a collection.”

“I started amassing them when I was 16, so…”

“Alright, tell you what. I won’t make you show them to me now, but one of these nights when I’m all hot and bothered and I can’t fall asleep, I’ll text you and you have to send me one of them. How’s that?” I normally wouldn’t tease a client so much, but Damian and I have known each other for such a long time now, and it’s cute when he turns red.

“All right.”